Over the last few years gaming chairs have become more popular and with that the price tag has also gone up. Many people are not sure why gaming chairs are so expensive and if they are worth the cost. There are multiple reasons why the cost is so steep so we’re going to go over five reasons why gaming chairs are so expensive.


The popular gaming chairs also have popular brands so they are able to mark up the price and make more money from the chairs. Just like any company with a strong brand the gaming chair market isn’t different at all.These brands also spend a lot of money finding ways to improve their chairs and make the best chair possible which brings up the price of the chair. 

Materials and Design

Gaming chairs typically use high quality materials which can bring up the price of the chair. Gaming chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort to support many hours of sitting. They also use lots of materials to build the chairs. Gaming chair companies often put lots of features into their chairs so it requires lots of materials and then increase the price. The price of gaming chairs go up from more of a domino effect. 

Limited Availability

The limited availability of gaming chairs is also why they are so expensive. Gaming chair companies only produce a limited number of chairs each year to help create demand for them and bring up the price. Especially for special limited edition chairs that are designed for popular streamers or esports teams. 

Marketing and Advertising 

Gaming chair companies spend lots of money on marketing and advertising and it often pays off. They invest heavily into advertising and marketing to get to their target audience. The cost of these ads can be significant which can increase the price of the chair.

Unique Features

Gaming chairs are designed to give the gamer the most immersive experience. In order to do that gaming chairs have unique features that most chairs don’t have. Some of these features include speakers, cup holders or even massage abilities. These unique and uncommon features bring up the price of gaming chairs.

How to Save Money on Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are a great investment but often come at a high price although there are ways to save money on your gaming chair. We have come up with four different ways to get a good deal on gaming chairs. You might have to compromise on some features but you can still get a great chair.

Consider Your Needs

You should look at what you need and what you don’t need for your gaming chair. Then look at the chairs that just meet your needs. If you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of a top of the line gaming chair there are more affordable options out there. 

Look for Good Deals

Another way to save some money is to keep your eye out for good deals. Oftentimes if you look long enough you can find a sale or a discount on a gaming chair. Sometimes you can also find a refurbished gaming chair that is often just as good as new except it’s much cheaper. You can also find discounts if retailers are overstocked on gaming chairs.

Buy an Older Model

Gaming chairs are constantly evolving and are on the cutting edge of any chair tech. Because of this a lot of the older models of gaming chairs are much cheaper than the newer models. You might miss out on the latest and greatest features but you should be able to get a good discount for it.

DIY Upgrades

If you’re happy with your current gaming chair you might want to upgrade the chair yourself. You can add your own lumbar support, armrest or upgrade the padding of the seat. This can save a lot of money if you’re willing to put in the work. 

In conclusion, gaming chairs are so expensive for many different reasons, including branding, materials, limited availability, marketing, and their unique features. It is possible to save money on gaming chairs if you consider your needs, look for good deals, buy an older model, or do some DIY upgrades. While the high cost isn’t desirable you should keep in mind the benefits of a high-quality gaming chair. Ultimately, deciding if you should purchase a gaming chair should be based on your personal preference and what your budget is.

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