How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Not all pillows have covers. Most can and should be washed. While buying new pillows every month is typical, washing clothes can be expensive. Washing throw pillows are not that different from washing other pillows. Most pillows have removable covers, the cording is similar, and interaction is how they all interact with the sleep/pillow boundary. 

But have you ever wondered how to wash your throw pillow without a removable cover? Here we will explain some important things about pillow washing and show you how to wash throw pillows without a cover.

Wash Throw Pillows With Vintage Machine

How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Now some people do have vintage machines that wash throw pillows on their own without a cover. When washing your throw pillow cover with a vintage machine, you will simply remove the cover from your throw pillow and inject a new dryer pillow cover. On the machine, remove the pillow insert, add the dryer pillow insert, put in a tumble cycle, and wash your throw pillow. 

Wash With Mild Detergent

How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Suppose cleaning throw pillows with a mild detergent. This course of action has its upsides and downsides. Upsides would include better pillows, bad smells, and a live pillow. But it is still 24/7 laundry, and it’s always best not to recommend it. Downsides include expensive pillows, a dirty pillow harness, and no cover. If you enjoy ones-sanctioned throwing pillows, this is no problem.

Mild detergents have suds and lots of them. Ample suds may leave white spots on a pillow. With a gentle washing and dryer oscillation, you can prevent this. Your pillows will look new again. Some varieties of pillows just don’t take washing extremely well and prevent significantly thicker fabrics from reaching their durability. Pillows specially made to be washed on their own may rarely do okay.

How To Wash Throw Pillows With Sponge

How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Suppose you use a sponge or washboard. Remove pillow stuffing and blanket cover. Fill your pillow with a sponge, plus an ironing board cover. Cover pillow with cover bag/fabric for extra protection and give. Sponge clean pillow, try to bs everything else as is. This can take a long time! Sponge pillows leave a towel ring spot. There is no solution. 

Washing throw pillows without removable cover may damage the pillow, creating weak fibers and giving that classic dead pillow smell. Throw pillows for washing and wipe them out into a washcloth area first. This should be enough. A sponge is a thick process and should have basic cleaning skills.

 Wash Throw Pillows With Tumble Dryer

How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

A powered dryer can automate the washing process. Usually, this is the best way of doing it. Commercial drying facilities have pillow density machines. Vintage machines have smaller, less expensive dryers. 

Generally, indoor pillows don’t and are very easy to dry. You can recycle their weight for blankets and match it to that of a pillow, but pillows won’t. A tumble dryer help wash pillows faster than a pump or hand wash. Pillows were washed with reinforced drying feet outside of a buttonhole that is accessible. 

This extra pillow drying keeps the pillows up to 20% longer. In most brand new machines, there is a restrict button. This places all machines in a standard lower energy power mode. There is an air reservoir/electrocute button to change the power setting.

Wash With White Vinegar

How To Wash Throw Pillows Without Removable Cover

Not as many people may have heard about this one. But there are several benefits. White vinegar sanitizes and sanitizes. White vinegar recognizes sizing out the pillow and lightens a pillow. But some say white vinegar is undoubtedly hostile on pillow fabrics. 

White vinegar closers up pores that make it strong with lightning and sanitizing. Warm rice is a fantastic pillow surface finish and improves nap comfort, but it is so familiar with white vinegar to leave an undesirable pillow smell.

Some Tips For Washing Throw Pillows Without Cover

With the history we touched on in this article, doing laundry in an indoor environment is much less of an issue than doing it outside. It still should be done, and it should be done correctly.

  • Do not use anything that has not been washed, watered, and room temperature dried.
  • Do not soak in water; try to sit on the floor or your bed if you soak. Each dog can have a unique water bed if you have a dog.
  • Wash throw pillows in two coffee grinder loads of water (11 oz.; 28g) or two cups.
  • With distilled water only or pH neutral’ water, again 1 degree centigrade.
  • Barring any nasty incidents with vinegar, soak about 5-7 minutes in whole white vinegar. Decrease white by half volume by rinsing.
  • Depending on cushion fillings, some pillows need extra to absorb and collect odor minimizing soaps and detergents.
  • Do not use harsh heat.


How to wash throw pillows without a removable cover may seem intimidating. But basic steps provide an answer to how to wash throw pillows without cover. Shipping all pillows need to be avoided. Remember, buying new pillows every month is average, but washing clothes can be expensive. Unless, of course, the pillows you wash have a cover. And following a laundry routine ends with discovering the new pillow you are buying 24/7.

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