How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

Raising an office chair without a lever is a beginner task, so you should raise the top part of your chair before you get into the basics of raising it even without a lever. Steelcase Gesture vs. Herman Miller Embody Which one is the Best Office Chair. The secret of how to raise a chair without a lever is that to raise and lower your office chair, you will only need to automate it using a movement program of your choice. Commonly raising a chair without a lift lever is used for people paralyzed in their body but are keen when using a computer. Here are 10 Tips on How To Stop Bum Sweat On Chairs

To raise your office chair, first, you have to take warning it’s a simple project but dangerous. Because you will manually raise your office chair, if the lever is not functioning correctly, or didn’t connect correctly, then screw up with actuators, temperatures, circuitry so easy repair with any components. Without a lever is very likely to remove your office chair accidentally. Following are some methods of how to raise an office chair without a lever. Let’s discuss

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How To Raise Pneumatic Office Chair Without Lever

The pneumatic office chair is another great option for the non-pneumatic office chair. They are small, and lightweight models, durable, and not much maintenance is required. Pneumatically operated office chairs are perfect for patients who lack physical motor command but have a proficient computer sense.

 To raise it without a lever, you initially must pump up the air cylinder that manually lifts the chair. This kind of system is comprised of an air cycling pump suspended on a track attached to the chair. As the air is pumped, the feet of the chair is raised.

Raising Non-Pneumatic Office Chair

For non-pneumatic, first, try to adjust the height with the help of your own body. Then take the use of actuators, also as a last option, have the extra reinforcement found in some models which clamp to the lever and lift it relatively to the set command height. To be safe, raise it with bolted in place; it seems you could accidentally bump it off if it’s not equipped with extra reinforcement. 

Also, check the under-chair bolts sometimes. It can prevent any material damage and inflammation in the chair. Turn the bolt clockwise to tighten it and stop it from its locked position. This is how you can raise an office chair without a lever.

Finally, check the safety mechanisms with some higher-class non-pneumatic office chair lifts to ensure the comfort and ease of such projects. For higher iteration, current modern office at home chairs.

How To Raise Non-Adjustable Chair Without Lever

Open the backrest and take the clicking mechanism out; you can lean it on a nice chair like a sandbag. So it’s safe, and it is an adjustable project. As long as it is free, you can lift non-adjustable height.

To raise non-adjustable seat height, check if your model has a specific dial at the back or side control. The perfect example is that you order a height-adjustable top where the control panel is to be removed, grab the screw with a screwdriver first, then pull it off. 

An issue or two may have happened during pulling off. Replace the screw with another one where you will see better spring characteristics. In this way, you may be able to raise the chair without a lever, or else you will require a power control circuit.

Raising The Office Chair Height With Wood Pieces

Using timber such as wood pieces to raise your office chair can lead to the smooth and seamless model of your chair lift, and lastly, you will be justified in the pass of using available timber if you are in the research for time and budget for it. 

You should clean the slot to raise the office chair without a lever first, which was made using the timber you use. Clean all the slots of your lever with sand and the help of a cotton swab.

Once do it, the pressure can be sufficient to raise the piece of timber. These measures could be considered the priority in using these materials in raising office chairs. The advantage of wood to raise your office chair might be its simple fix with its use. Other examples might include decorative planks that you, under furniture, use in this kind of model.


To raise your office chair, you will have to consult on the exact height it requires to be controlled. Factors such as the type of motion will determine the best kind of movements or controls to increase. The above tips will help you how to raise your office chair without level and enhance the office chair model, but if greater automation is required, it will require a little more time to add on to the project. Hope you can save your time and expense. Thanks for your attention and interest in my post.

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