different types of pillow

Who Invented Pillows?

Pillows were first found in Eygpt 9000 years ago. But they were not soft they were mostly made up of stone and wood but were not that comfortable. the old Egyptians use these pillows to protect their head not for sleeping.

When these Egyptian pillows reach China the Chinese didn’t like the Egyptian pillow so they made their own pillow which was made up of cotton .it was softer and more comfortable than the wooden Or Stone pillow and good for the body and head pain.

Men of ancient Greece and Rome also thought using a pillow was a sign of weakness and reserved the soft cushions for pregnant women instead.

There are 15 types of best western pillows.

  1. Down Pillows
  2. Pregnancy pillows
  3. Memory Foam Pillows
  4. Body Pillows
  5. Adjustable Pillows
  6. Feather Pillows
  7. Buckwheat Pillows
  8. Water Pillows
  9. Reading Pillows
  10. Wool Pillows
  11. Throw Pillow
  12. Lumbar Pillow
  13. Knee Pillow
  14. Full Body Bath Pillow
  15. Coccyx Cushion

Down Pillow

Best Western Pillows

The ancient Greeks and Romans left behind the idea of the traditional hard pillow and used cloth filled with materials such as cotton, reeds, or straw, while the wealthy used soft down feathers

Pregnancy Pillow

Best Western Pillows

A pregnancy pillow is a specially designed body pillow to suit and support the changing curves of the body during pregnancy. pregnant women use these pillows to sleep comfortably and reduce back pain.

Memory Foam Pillows

Best western pillow

Memory foam was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center. Memory foam has widespread commercial applications, in addition to the popular mattresses and pillows.

Body Pillows

Best Western Pillows

In old western times, pillows were made up of smooth or designed fabric which consist of soft material.

Adjustable Pillows

Best Western Pillows

these pillows were too soft and they can help you rest and reduce body pain. The goal of such pillows, according to Dr. Aarti Grover, medical director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Tufts Medical Center, is to support your spinal alignment so you won’t wake up with an achy neck. and it can be adjusted by size as you desire.

Feather Pillows

Best Western Pillows

The Romans and Greeks of ancient Europe mastered the creation of the softer type pillow. these were fed up with reeds straws and birds feathers in order to make it softer and more comfortable.

Buckwheat Pillows

Best western pillow

Buckwheat Pillows are also known as sobakawa was first made in japan now days are used all around the world. these pillows are fed up of buckwheat hulls, the hard outer casings of buckwheat seeds.

Water Pillows

Best Western Pillows

Maurice Bard was the inventor of water pillows he invented this on. It is Used to Improve Sleep Quality. It works like Sleep Aid.

Wool pillows

Best Western Pillows

wool pillows are the softest pillow made up of wool. They were first made in the 1800s in an American textile factory

Reading Pillow

Best western pillow

The Reading Pillow is Maintaining excellent posture all of the time is difficult. You’re also more focused while you’re reading or watching television, so maintaining excellent posture isn’t always at the forefront of your thoughts.

Throw pillow

Best western pillow

The throw is a type of fabric. Cover of sofa or bed used for cleaning. The throw pillow is used for decoration purposes on the sofa or bed.

Lumbar pillow

Best western pillow

The Lumbar is the lower back area. A lumbar pillow is used to relieve lower and middle back pain.

Knee pillow

Best western pillow

A knee support pillow is a rectangular pillow with two circular notches that are used to support the legs when lying on one’s side. Memory foam is commonly used in these devices to mold your body form and keep your knees apart to enhance blood flow.

Full Body Bath pillow

Best western pillow

A Full Body Bath Pillow is squishy and cozy full-body bath pillows and mats. It will convert your hurting bath to a spa session.

Coccyx cushion

Best western pillow

A coccyx cushion relieves strain on your tailbone while also helping to keep your spine in proper alignment.

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