comfort zone

A Comfort zone is a psychological condition in which one is at ease and feels secure. They feel familiar with their customs and what they do every day. In this zone, an individual has relatively less nervousness and stress in contrast to the one who has stepped out of his comfort zone and can give a steady level of presentation

comfort zone

Comfort Zone is a Beautiful Place, How does it affect your life?

Being in your comfort zone can keep you cozy, and tranquil and helps us to be emotionally and practically leveled. Also, keep us far away from nervousness and depression to a great extent.

Advantages of staying in your comfort zone

Calling on experience

When you prefer to stay in your comfort zone rather than stepping out, you take part in habitual activities. You perform tasks you’ve completed many times, and likely with a huge extent of success.

Being self-assured

although new experiences can cause pause and apprehension, keeping in one’s comfort zone encourages, assure, and limits apprehension. When you’ve succeeded in the past on a task, it encourages a healthy self-assurance in addressing equivalent undertakings in the future.

Minimizing risk

When you encounter familiar tasks in your comfort zone, you’re conscious of the risks and know how to prevent them. Familiar activities which we are already used to, tend to be less risky than unknown ones.


After you’ve pushed yourself outside of your typical boundaries, returning to your comfort zone can help you revitalize and psychologically recover before going back to more anxiety-inducing and uncertain situations.

Expending less energy on routine tasks

If an activity is in your comfort zone, odds are you can complete it swiftly and smoothly without too much premeditation or planning. The simplicity and easiness of routine tasks free up more time and mental energy for addressing challenging work with your full potential to get a track record of success.

Without uncertainty, there are persuasive reasons to spend time in your comfort zone. However, pushing yourself beyond this restriction can also be alluring.

Disadvantages of staying in your comfort zone

Holding back

If you stay in a comfort zone for too long, it can make you self-satisfied. If you don’t perform activities that somewhat frighten or gainsay you, you miss out on growth opportunities from which u can rise and shine. “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” You can’t make progress by staying in one place doing nothing.

No risk, no reward

“fortune favors the bold”. Until you take risks in your life, no matter whether they are large ones or not but still fortune will hand over the success to you.

Not learning new skills

If you only work on present strengths, you ignore the chance to evolve new skills. In acquiring risks, you make your strengths more solid you give time to new skills and spend time enhancing relative weaknesses.

Missing the opportunity to make your comfort zone larger

A compelling reason to venture outside of your usual boundaries is to broaden your perspective and enlarge your comfort zone. Taking risks, feeling some discomfort and doubt, then succeeding, not only improves your entire skillset but also increases your self-confidence. The more you engage in demanding activities, the more typical those activities become, allowing you to expand your comfort zone to ever-increasing proportions.

Spending too much time in your comfort zone?

There is something outside the circle that you desire in your life but do not currently own, and in order to bring it within, you will most likely have to try something new or different. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed.

Human beings, like ships, were not intended to be kept within the bounds of a safe harbor, and neither are they intended to be. We are built to sail the vast expanses of the ocean, to push the boundaries of what we are capable of, to find the latent potential that has been lying dormant inside us, and to discover that we truly do have the ability to reach places we did not even realize we were capable of reaching. A good question to ask yourself is, “What game am I playing in life?” Are you in it to win it or are you in it to lose it?

Going outside your comfort zone is necessary, and here are my top  7 reasons why:


Personal Development 

A mind that has been expanded will never be able to return to its former dimensions.

The urge for growth is one of the six fundamental human wants that we all have at some point in our lives and that must be met. Those that excel in their fields are distinguished merely by the fact that they devote a greater proportion of their time to meeting this demand by spending more time in their growth zone. One of the talents kids learn to acquire in life is the ability to be comfortable in one’s discomfort while also maintaining the will to succeed.

Create Momentum

When you begin to push yourself to venture outside of your comfort zone, a natural momentum begins to build. What may appear to be minor marginal gains begin to accumulate, and the compounding effect of the modest advantages in a variety of areas generates a force and rhythm that becomes self-perpetuating as the gains accumulate. It is simply impossible to stop it.


With higher levels of concentration, self-confidence, and belief, you can accomplish more. You transform into a productivity ninja, accomplishing feats you never imagined possible.

Get Rid of Your Fear

Your mind has the ability to work for or against you. You have complete and total control over your thoughts and emotions. You cannot, however, leave anything to chance. By default, if you don’t take steps to deliberately program your mind to work for you, it will begin to operate against you without your knowledge.

There will be a thousand reasons why your new endeavor will fail, is dangerous, should not be repeated, should be avoided, and the list goes on and on. YOU must pause the record and take control of your thoughts before they take over your entire day.

While its primary goal is to protect you and keep you safe from harm, it will have a significant impact on your capacity to venture outside of your comfort zone.

The good news is that once you get started, you’ll quickly realize that you’ve underrated your abilities and inflated the likelihood of encountering problems. You’ll be the one to move from inaction to action. Procrastination will become an anachronism in the future. Your subconscious mind will no longer hinder or derail your future achievements. More information on this topic may be found in my blog post, Why avoiding fear will impede your growth.

The Zone of Maximum Performance

Extending and pushing the boundaries, trying new ideas, failing quickly and recovering quickly, discovering what works, and storing it so you can replicate it again will naturally lead you to operate outside your comfort zone and into the space I refer to as the performance zone, which I define as the space between comfort and performance.

This is the zone where you can just go ahead and do things.

When you are in this zone, your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors become more cognizant of themselves and intentional in their execution.

A sense of accomplishment

So many individuals wake up every day with that nagging sense of underachievement…the realization that they aren’t exactly enjoying their lives to the fullest extent that they could. We have no control over the duration of our lives, but we do have complete influence over the breadth and complexity of our experiences throughout that time.

Gaining momentum and rhythm in the forward direction, increasing your productivity, and creating your own performance zone are all factors that contribute to a sense of self-fulfillment and a sense of having discovered your groove in life. You’ll discover a brand-new source of intense delight.

Having a significant impact on others

Getting together with individuals we like and who push us to be the best versions of ourselves is something we all crave. These are people from whom we may learn something, and perhaps more importantly…those who inspire us to venture out of our own comfort zone.

Final Verdict

There are two fantastic things that happen when you spend time venturing outside of your comfort zone.

First and foremost, you become like a magnet, drawing individuals into your life who can assist you in expediting and accelerating your journey toward achieving your goals, both personally and professionally, as you go.

As a result, you become a role model, mentor, and coach to others, whether consciously or unconsciously; you become a mentor or coach to others. Your example serves as a beacon for those around you to follow and want to be like, and making a positive difference in the lives of others is an enormously rewarding and worthwhile objective.

Keep in mind that you are capable of far more than you previously imagined.

Your ambitions, objectives, and dreams are all waiting for you to realize.

Just as you are about to step out to harness them and you hear that tiny voice (which you will!), gently remind yourself that there is no such thing as a “fail” if you gain something from it. A simple definition of a failure is my “First Attempt in Learning.”

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